A group of Landscape Architectural Technology students from NAIT are turning tossed trash into trendy treasure.

Each year, the second-year students participate in a design competition for the Home and Garden Show.

The winning team gets to manage the construction of a garden for the weekend exhibition.

This year’s theme is “upcycling,” so the NAIT exhibit will showcase items that have been converted from garbage into something a little more pleasing to the eye.

“We’ve created some really fun upcycling items that people could create with leftover pieces they’ve got from their own work projects at home,” said student Kerri Buksa. “We’re using leftover duct piping, four-by-four posts and conduit to make planters and most people have that stuff lying around the house.”

A team of about 60 volunteers from NAIT helped the four winning students construct the urban-chic exhibit, which will be on display all weekend.

“We could not have done this without the students, our instructors, the sponsors, and parents,” Buksa said. “Really, it’s been a community effort.”