NEW YORK - The Naked Cowboy might be considered a quirky asset to New York City's tourism industry. Now the Times Square traffic-stopper says he'd make a mighty fine mayor.

Robert Burck, who performs in his underwear, made his candidacy official Wednesday. He aims to give the buttoned-up, third-term hopeful, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a run for his money.

Burck says: "Being naked is a whole lot more than having no clothes on: It's about transparency in politics, it's about telling the naked truth."

Burck does a brisk business posing for pictures with tourists. His standard fashion statement is a cowboy hat, boots, white briefs and a guitar strapped to his bare chest.

As for campaign funds, he says: "I have no expenses. I own 40 pairs of underwear, a car and a suitcase."

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