Vancouver rocker to have surgery this week

catherine barr/for metro vancouver


Bif Naked, 36, marries sports columnist Ian Walker at St. Andrews Wesley church in Vancouver on Sept. 29, 2007. The Juno award-winning singer said she was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago. Her upcoming surgery includes a lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy.

Bif Naked has breast cancer, the Vancouver singer revealed yesterday.

Speaking on the Strombo Show (Fox 93.5), the 36-year-old punk rocker said surgery is scheduled for this week.

“It is a very surreal situation for (husband) Ian and I at this time,” she said, adding that she discovered a lump in her breast during a self exam two weeks ago.

“From there, things have gone at what seems like light speed: Biopsy, blood tests, cancer clinic. It’s been two weeks from being completely healthy to cancer patient with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy scheduled.”

Naked told George Stroumboulopoulos during his syndicated radio program that she plans to take things one day at a time, as she continues to work on pre-production on two new albums.

As a performer, Naked said breast cancer can greatly affect her career.

“Specially in the highly sexualized place we live in, in North America,” she said. “People love (breasts). I’m glad I’m in the recording cycle.”

In her personal life, Naked said she’s not worried and even joked with her doctor about her husband being “an ass man.”

Naked, who was born Beth Torbert in New Delhi, India, married Vancouver Sun sports writer Ian Walker in a traditional church ceremony in Vancouver last September.

“I’m ready for the fight,” she said. “I’m glad it’s me and not my mom. I’m glad it’s me and not my sister, I’m glad it’s me and not any of my friends.”

Naked wants to turn her battle against cancer into a “great opportunity” to urge all women at every age to self examine and go for scheduled mammograms.

“Cancer is non discriminatory and even those in great health can be subject to (it),” said Naked, who exercises, does yoga and follows a strict vegan diet.

She added that her treatment will be exciting for her oncology team because she also has a heart aneurysm.

Naked wrote the song Everyday, from her album Superbeautifulmonster, in part as a response to that experience.

“I have never been one to give up when an obstacle is placed in front of me,” Naked said. “I am in the fight of my life and I’m lucky to have the support of my husband and many friends and family members.”

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