Even as a young boy, Joey McColm liked life in the fast lane.

Encouraged by his father, McColm frequented the local raceway as a teen. He started racing go-karts and at 15, began racing mini stocks. He was competing in Late Model cars by 17.

It pays to start early — now the youngest driver in the Canadian NASCAR circuit, the 24-year-old Ajax, Ont. native will be making a pit stop at the Watch It store at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre this Friday to meet fans and to let them get up close and personal with his Dodge Avenger.

The car, which features 500-plus horsepower, allows McColm to drive at speeds of up to 170 miles an hour. McColm has 13 races across the country between June and September.

“Everyday, I’m living the dream,” said McColm, who recently graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in civil engineering. “Not many people get to say that they’re a NASCAR driver.”

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