Endorsement from Lily Allen propels singer

RICHARD LAUTENS/TORstar news service


British singer Kate Nash.

The music industry often manufactures bright young things who thus come with a readymade “overnight” success story to trumpet, but Kate Nash has, refreshingly, turned the tables and lured the biz into her own Cinderella narrative.

Scarcely 18 months ago, the tart-tongued Londoner decided she wasn’t going to let rejection from university and drama school dissuade her from pursuing a career that excluded “working in fast-food restaurants and crap shops.” She started logging home demos and aggressively booking gigs about town.

In a fit of bravado, she shot a note one day last winter to upstart British pop starlet Lily Allen via MySpace and linked to a few tunes she’d recorded in her family’s suburban front room whilst hobbled with a broken leg. To Nash’s amazement, Allen pronounced the songs “well good, I promise” on her own MySpace page and suddenly, a far-flung network of virtual “friends” was registering agreement.

By May, Nash had a record deal and a U.K. hit single in Foundations, a barbed farewell to an unappreciative boyfriend who reaches the limits of her patience when he drunkenly pukes on her trainers. “It did go quickly for me, that can’t ever be lied about,” says Nash, 20.

One definitely gets the impression this headstrong redhead is enjoying the “honeymoon” phase of sudden pop notoriety.

This is someone, after all, who composed many of the witty electro-pop songs on her debut album, Made Of Bricks, on the basic music-making software program GarageBand late at night while whispering into a microphone so as not to wake her family. “I was sick of waiting for someone to give me a chance to do something fun. I’m young, I’m inspired, I’ve got stories to tell.”

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