It feels like the city is getting more than its fair share of snow lately.

Another storm warning was issued yesterday as between 15 to 20 centimetres of snow dumped on the HRM.

The snow started falling shortly before noon and kept going until the early evening.


Richard Lafortune, meteorologist with Environment Canada, said we’re seeing a “more active” period of weather lately.

“We’re getting more frequent systems going through,” he said. “It seems the case for more than Atlantic Canada.”

He said the rest of Canada is suffering a winter surge, as shown in the tie-ups at the airport before Christmas because of winter weather in other parts of the country.

“It’s nothing out of the normal really; it just seems that way,” Lafortune said in an interview yesterday.

Winds out of the northeast whipped up the falling snow yesterday afternoon, making driving in some areas a little tricky.

“Fortunately, the snow and blowing snow should come to an end by the early evening,” he said.

Today will be much more boring in terms of weather: Lafortune said it should be more cloudy than sunny with a chance of flurries.

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