National No Bra Day: When is it and what is it for?

Ready to go braless for a good cause?
National No Bra Day
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Get ready to let the ladies loose, because National No Bra Day is just around the corner.


That’s right, ready or not, here it comes. Are you ready to board the NYC subway train cars with your ta-tas free as a bird? We kid. We know it’s hard to go to work or even the store without a bra, especially if it’s something you’ve never done. But even if you join only in spirit, there’s a good reason you should know about this quirky national day: it was created for a really good cause.


So when is National No Bra Day, anyway?

National No Bra Day happens to fall on the witchiest day of the year this year, Friday, October 13. (The Friday thing is a coincidence this year, but the holiday always falls on October 13.) We guess that’s fitting since we can see witches leaning into a bohemian look, but the bigger connection is the scary thing National No Bra Day aims to promote awareness of.


What does National No Bra Day celebrate?

It’s not really a celebration, though we can see how you could interpret breaking free of the bra’s judgemental and sometimes painful straps as something worth celebrating. Rather, National No Bra Day promotes breast cancer awareness and raises money for research to fight the disease, and it falls right smack in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. National No Bra Day is also a way to show solidarity with those who have fought breast cancer.


Should I do anything special on National No Bra Day?

Again, follow your work dress code, whatever it may be, and don’t feel the need to go bra-free if you don’t feel comfortable. The day is mostly marked on social media, where people can share pictures in solidarity and can easily go braless before throwing on the supportive lingerie and heading out to work. People are encouraged to wear something purple if they’re not able to or comfortable with going braless in public.

National No Bra Day Toss

But you can — and probably should — book an appointment for a mammogram, which the American Cancer Society suggests women between the ages of 45 and 54 should get annually. (If you’re 55 or older, that suggestion drops to one mammogram every 2 years.) We know no one likes going to the doctor, but a mammogram can find or detect breast cancer in same cases before a patient or doctor can feel anything through a breast exam. Catching any sign of cancer early is a critical leg up in treatment.

If you already got your annual mammogram and you want to help support the fight against breast cancer, you can make a donation to the American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen for the Cure. You can find and add social media posts to the buzz about the day using #NoBraDay or #NationalNoBraDay.

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