Bad Dogs Edmonton’s canine population has proven its bark is just as bad as its bite.

Five of Canada’s Naughtiest Dogs live right here in Edmonton.

A contest launched by the pet training company Bark Busters has proven Edmonton four-leggers are the baddest of the bad.


Finalist Toby, a seven-month-old beagle cross, chews everything in sight, barks incessantly and hates kids, his owner Eva DeFazio said.

“He doesn’t seem to listen, he disrespects everyone,” she said.

“The worst thing he did was when he got into the laundry room and chewed up all our clothes.

I almost killed him.”

After Toby spent most of his sessions at puppy obedience school in “time out,” and dug a tunnel into the neighbour’s backyard, DeFazio realized he needed “a lot of work.”

Toby joins boxer Raya, husky Roger, border collie Emma and Yorkshire terrier Dixie the Diva in the contest.

The winner will receive a group training session for 10 dog friends, personal training sessions and $500 from Bark Busters.

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