‘You never bag on your peers like that!’



Nabil Elderkin photo


The Panic Channel — from left, Chris Chaney, Dave Navarro, Steve Isaacs and Stephen Perkins — have just released their debut CD, ONe.


Dealing with the media can be an excruciating exercise. Media members might push personal buttons in order to infuriate the artist; in turn, the artist might use media interviews as a forum to speak one’s mind about impeding individuals.

Watchers of Week 8 of reality TV series Rock Star: Supernova saw what happened with competitor Dilana during a so-dubbed “press clinic.” She named specific names and opined as to why each of her fellow competitors was wrong for the lead singer job of the supergroup that’ll feature ex-Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newstead and one-time Guns ’N Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

“What the hell are you thinking? You never bag on your peers like that!” show co-host Dave Navarro hammered into Dilana later on. When she saw the sorrowful reaction from her peers, Dilana later apologized for her screwup.

“These kids need that critiquing,” Navarro, 39, told Metro.

“Whatever I impart from that couch, they have to deal with it themselves and learn the hard way. What happened with Dilana is more imparting of wisdom upon the cast than anything I could say to them.”

The former Jane’s Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist could easily impart similar brutal honesty on himself. While in Toronto to plug his latest music project The Panic Channel — made up of lead singer/former MTV VJ Steve Isaacs, Navarro and his ex-Jane’s cohorts Chris Chaney on bass and Stephen Perkins on drums — and their debut CD ONe, Navarro wrote on his website www.6767.com, “I can almost promise you that I will say something stupid at some point! It just happens.”

Stupid? No. Silly? Maybe. Asked how it felt to put his drug-addled days in the late 1990s behind him — a subject Navarro chronicled in his 2005 book Don’t Try This At Home — he responded, “Being clean? It sucks!” before chugging down a bottle of water — pretending it was Jack Daniels. It certainly made Isaacs, seated next to him, laugh out loud.

But credit Navarro for not using media opportunities to opine about his now ex-wife Carmen Electra, with whom he appeared on the reality series Till Death Do Us Apart. Or respond to reported rumours of dating adult entertainment star Jenna Jameson or say any unkind words about Jane’s or the Peppers.

“Writing and playing music are my main sources of creative emotional release,” says Navarro.

“Everything else I do — my online radio show, any TV stuff, you name it — is just moment-to-moment entertainment for me.”