Q: Jill, I’ve recently graduated and just entered the workforce, which I’m finding difficult. I’ve been second guessing some of my skills, and getting a little intimidated by other colleagues who seem to just ‘get it’ their first time while two months later I still feel like it’s my first day. Any insight you could provide would be great. Also, any books you could suggest on personal success, organization skills or motivation would be greatly appreciated. I studied mass communication and business and I’m currently working at a small advertising company. I like it here, but I just need a little wind in my sails to get me moving.



A: Denise don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve recently graduated and, let’s face it, the workforce is much different from the classroom. It’s going to take patience and confidence in your abilities to navigate this new experience successfully. You were obviously hired because you had the skills.


Feeling a little out of your safety zone is perfectly normal.


You’ve just got to get it under control so that you aren’t letting your office mates see you sweat.

Here are some books I’ve read over the years that have helped to inspire me when I was feeling a little professionally under the weather.

  • If Women Ruled The World, edited by Sheila Ellison

    There are more than 150 personal essays in this book written by women. The stories discuss various issues happening around the world.

  • The Courage To Succeed by Company of Women

    These are the stories of 36 women who decided to take their personal and career lives into their own hands. What I enjoyed about this one was the diversity of voices represented.

  • Masters of Success: Proven Techniques For Achieving Success In Business And Life by Ivan R. Misner, PH.D. and Don Morgan, M.A.

  • The Soul of Success: A Woman’s Guide to Authentic Power by Jennifer Read Hawthorne

  • Crossing the Finish Line by Cindy J. Stradling, CSP

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  • While the signed contract might seal the deal, honouring your word to another is equally important in business.