"If the NBA can swallow its pride ... and go back to its old ball, we certainly can do the same."

The CFL is getting back its balls.


League sources told Metro yesterday that the heavier, tackier footballs used last season will be scrapped by next season.

"If the NBA can swallow its pride, admit a mistake and go back to its old ball," a CFL executive said, "we certainly can do the same. The precedent has been set."

Succumbing to complaints from many players, the NBA decided this week to trash the microfibre ball it introduced this season and will revert to its old, leather model beginning Jan. 1.

CFL players complained in similar fashion last season about the ball they were being forced to use but, while some league officials acknowledged its shortcomings privately, no change was made. Next month, however, the league’s competition committee will meet and sources say it will formally resurrect the old ball.

Scoring, offensive statistics and entertaining games decreased significantly in the CFL last season, and many placed part of the blame on the heavier ball.

•There’s a rumbling, unconfirmed, that the Roughriders and Tiger-Cats may complete a blockbuster trade in which the key figures will be Saskatchewan’s Kerry Joseph and Kenton Keith and Hamilton’s Jason Maas and Corey Holmes... It’s really not a matter of if former CFL MVP Casey Printers will be the Argonauts’ quarterback next season but a matter of when he signs with Toronto and for how much ... And why doesn’t the CFL have a new commissioner yet? I’m told there’s a lack of interest in serving as a puppet for B.C. owner David Braley, Montreal owner Robert Wetenhall and their cronies.

Marcus Giles could be let loose by Atlanta soon because of his expensive contract and may jump to San Diego to join his brother, Brian Giles... Hefty lefty David Wells, at 43, will try to squeeze in another season with either San Diego, Arizona or San Francisco. The Giants are interested but concerned about Wells getting along with Barry Bonds. Wells opened his big mouth last season and told reporters he wouldn’t want to see Bonds become baseball’s home-run king because "he uses steroids and is juiced."

•Trail Blazers forward Zach Randolph’s one-game suspension in Toronto (for an obscene gesture) last Sunday cost him a game’s pay — $133,333 US — but he’s seeking to retrieve the money in a formal grievance against his club ... Even without Randolph, Portland crushed the abysmal Raptors. And, yes, some Toronto players still think Sam Mitchell is a bad coach and want him replaced — the sooner, the better. And, if you hear or read otherwise, consider the source.


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