The NDP have bumped up renewable energy goals but say it’s unrelated to Nova Scotia Power and it's apparent struggle to meet deadlines.

The Progressive Conservative government set the goal of 25 per cent of Nova Scotia’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2020. Yesterday the NDP moved that up to 2015.

But questions abound about whether NSP will meet its 2010 deadline of five per cent renewable energy above 2001 levels -- or about eight per cent --, especially after the Utility and Review Board declined a request to its proposed $1-billion-25-year biomass project this month.


NSP could be subject to fines of up to $500,000 per day if it doesn't meet demands. It says currently about 12 per cent of its energy comes from renewable sources.

The new 2015 goal set by the province will not change the renewable energy standards.

“I know that some people are trying to tie the two together,” said provincial environment spokesman Ross McLaren. “The two issues are separate. Our 2015 target is a longer goal.”

To help reach its new target, the government asked Dalhousie University's David Wheeler to consult with involved parties and a report will be issued at year's end.

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