The NDP is calling for a criminal investigation into the role of a B.C. Liberal insider in the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail in 2003.

The party said yesterday that court documents “strongly suggest” Patrick Kinsella, a government contractor who also co-chaired the previous two B.C. Liberal election campaigns, assisted CN Rail with its successful bid while working on behalf of the B.C government.

“We believe there are sufficient grounds for the RCMP to launch an investigation focusing on Mr. Kinsella’s dual role with BC Rail and CN,” NDP MLA Leonard Krog said.

According to Krog, who sent a letter to deputy commissioner Gary Bass asking for action by the RCMP, CN may have broken the law by allegedly paying Kinsella when he was already under contract with BC Rail.

“We are asking the RCMP to move expeditiously so that British Columbians can once and for all know the truth about the corruption scandal that leads to the heart of Premier Campbell’s office,” Krog said.

B.C. Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell was critical of the NDP’s decision to focus on BC Rail, the CBC?reported.

“It’s pretty sad what we’re seeing, I think, right now with the Opposition — a party that used to be recognized as a party of principle with sound policy ideas, whether people agreed with them or not — becoming a party that looks pretty desperate and pretty expedient,” Campbell told reporters.