It had been one of their banner promises as an opposition party and now that the NDP has formed the government they’re wasting little time removing taxes from home heating.


For years the party advocated taking away the provincial portion of the HST from home heating electricity. Thursday, Premier Darrell Dexter announced the change would come into effect Oct. 1.


“It’s a principle that there are some things in our society that ought not to be taxed,” Dexter told reporters following a morning cabinet meeting.


“The necessities of life are among them.”


Dexter said the average Nova Scotian is expected to pocket about $120. He has promised the money to fund the program would come from the existing budget, but said the details of how that will happen will be presented in the fall budget.

The plan -- expected to cost $15 million this year and $30 million next year -- is not without controversy.

Some environmental groups have criticized the change, saying making electricity less expensive will spur more consumption and the burning of more coal, however, Dexter said he disagreed.