NDP MLA Rachel Notley is questioning the minister of children and youth services regarding a broken promise towards foster home cuts in the Edmonton area.

Minister Yvonne Fritz said last Wednesday that there would be no cuts to funding for foster care parents. But less than a day later, foster parents in the Edmonton area were being notified of possible decreases in funding, explained Notley.

Notley said she believes this shows a disconnect between the minister and the community.

“Can we trust this government,” Notley said. “First of all, to make the right choices, and secondly, to tell us what it means when they do.”

Although the average foster child receives about $30 per day from the Alberta government, children with severe disabilities can receive well over $100 per day.


The proposed cuts would cap that daily payment at $100, regardless of the child’s needs. Notley estimated that about 100 children in foster care in the Edmonton area have special requirements. Of those, about 40 will be capped since they are eligible for more than $100 per day.

Reports have come in that 100 foster homes are over capacity, as well as the death of a 21-month-old baby in foster care earlier this month.