Patients who have to leave the province for medical care deserve more financial help, the NDP says.

On the campaign trail today, NDP leader Darrell Dexter announced his party if elected would subsidize travel and accommodation costs for patients who require medical treatment not available in Nova Scotia. Currently the province covers out-of-province treatment only, the NDP says.

“The lack of support for travel and accommodations means patients who need specialized care outside Nova Scotia are having to fundraise, go into bankruptcy, or forego treatment,” Dexter said in a release.


“This is a terrible burden on these patients and their families, who are already struggling to cope with very serious illnesses.”

The NDP is promising to provide $750,000 a year to help patients travel out of the province for treatment, as part of the NDP’s plan to reduce health care wait times.

“The Conservatives have had 10 years to deal with this problem and are still leaving it to the Minister’s discretion," Dexter said.

The party notes last year Manitoba provided $1 million in travel and accommodation subsidies to patients.