Alberta’s justice minister needs to step down from her post after Mounties used a search warrant to seize documents from her office last summer, urged the province’s New Democrats yesterday.

NDP Leader Brian Mason says Justice Minister and Attorney General Allison Redford should step aside, as the RCMP continues to investigate who is responsible for changing a government e-mail that was submitted as evidence into a Freedom of Information hearing.

“This is very serious and the government’s interest in secrecy seems to be growing all the time,” said Mason during a news conference.

Mason believes the change in the e-mail was done by the government in attempts to withhold a Freedom of Information Request about the use of its planes until three days after the provincial election in November 2004.

“This is certainly one of the most secretive, if not the most secretive government in Canada, but I think they’ve crossed the line when it comes to withholding evidence in an RCMP investigation,” said Mason

Redford, an MLA who represents voters in Calgary-Elbow, was unavailable for comment.

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