Support for Nova Scotia’s NDP government seems to have stabilized, but the two opposition parties are in flux, according to polling results released by Corporate Research Associates yesterday.

Thirty-eight per cent of decided voters interviewed by CRA said they’d support the NDP if an election were held that day. That’s up one per cent from August.

During that same period, the Liberals fell four points to 31 per cent, while the Progressive Conservatives gained five points to hit 26 per cent.

CRA president Don Mills said the Tories’ spike might be related to media attention surrounding Jamie Baillie’s confirmation as party leader and by-election victory.

“The PCs got a fair amount of publicity over their new leader, who went through the byelection, got elected ... and was confirmed during a convention during this quarter,” he said. “So it’s not surprising that PC support would come up.”

A full 42 per cent of voters surveyed, however, were either undecided, did not have an answer or did not plan to vote.

Mills said the NDP will most likely be pleased with a six per cent jump in satisfaction to 48 per cent, in advance of what looks to be a tough budget season this spring.

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