Federal NDP leader Jack Layton jetted down to Edmonton yesterday with an optimistic stride to support two upcoming party candidates.

Nominations of Ray Martin of Edmonton East and Louise Cardinal of Edmonton Centre were held that evening.

“I am very excited to be attending this nomination meeting to meet the people that will join Linda Duncan in our Alberta caucus,” Layton told Metro.

Out of 29 MPs from Alberta, Duncan is the lone NDP member surrounded by a roster of Conservatives.

However, he said the party feels it has moved to a new level.

“There is going to be growing support because of growing concern of direction, or rather, lack of direction from Harper,” said Layton.

Layton is optimistic that the NDP will be catching on in Alberta because he says that people realize that this party is the one that is standing up for them. “The real economy is whether people have work,” he said.

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