Liam Neeson has been called “heroic” by Chloe director Atom Egoyan, reports.

Neeson was working on the movie alongside Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried when his wife Natasha Richardson died after a skiing accident. Despite troubles in his private life the actor returned to work to complete the movie Chloe.

Speaking to Contactmusic the director said: “We tried to protect him. No one knew when exactly he was coming back, but he was nothing less than heroic, especially considering the story.

“He wasn’t forced to come back. No one tried to talk to him about what happened. He’s an amazing man.”

Since the death of his wife the actor has thrown himself into work and his has a string of projects on the horizon. He will next be seen in Louis Leterrier’s remake of Clash of the Titans, in which he takes on the role of Zeus.