The departure of star actor Liam Neeson from a Toronto film set
following the tragic death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, has left
his movie in limbo.


Neeson, who came to Toronto early last month when filming began on Chloe,
left to be at his wife's side on Monday after she fell on a ski hill at
Mont Tremblant, Que. He subsequently accompanied her on a flight to New
York, where it became apparent she had suffered irreversible brain
damage in the accident.


Richardson, 45, died on Wednesday and
Neeson, 56, is coping with that while comforting their two sons,
Micheal, 13, and Daniel, 12.


In Toronto, work on Chloe
is proceeding quietly, set publicist Lisa Ghione said yesterday. Scenes
involving the principal actors were scheduled to be completed at the
end of next week. "We'll be completing the scenes that don't feature
Liam and then after that, we'll just have to see," Ghione added.


One source said the film's future remains uncertain until it can be determined if or when Neeson is able to return.

Toronto-based director, Atom Egoyan, said he met Richardson last year.
"Her intense pride and affection for her husband was so clear, as was
his passion and love for her. I'm so devastated for Liam."

The filmmaker's latest effort, Chloe, is a remake of the French film, Nathalie, about a man whose wife (played by Julianne Moore) hires a prostitute to test his fidelity, putting their family in jeopardy.

scenes were shot at Toronto locations in recent weeks, but filming has
moved indoors at the Toronto Filmport studios.