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Sam Neill


While attending the Lucinda Williams concert at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, a local couple were slightly astonished when two Hollywood luminaries, actors Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense), sat down beside them last Tuesday. Apparently Neill — here in town to shoot the CBC mini-series, Iron Road, alongside Peter O’Toole — is a huge fan of Williams’ work, and even shouted out an enthusiastic “Yeah!” during the performance. And while Neill, who wore a Roots Canada baseball cap, still maintains a youthful visage, Osment has grown up quickly and apparently sported a full beard.

Vancouver-born actor Michael J. Fox swung a few irons at Burnaby’s Riverway Golf Course recently, all part of a fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Theatre. Attending with Fox were his mother, brothers and sisters, along with actor and hockey hall-of-famer Cam Neely, who played for the Canucks.

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Dagmara Dominczyk

Within the pages of the current issue of InStyle magazine, actor Patrick Wilson recounts the story of falling in love with his wife, Polish-born actress Dagmara Dominczyk. He talks about their two separate amorous nights at Le Gavroche restaurant.

“I think I am (a romantic),” Wilson told the magazine. “This Valentine’s Day, we were in Vancouver, which is where we fell in love. I took her back to the place where I first told her I loved her —this great French restaurant, Le Gavroche.”

Wilson is rumored to be cast in the Vancouver-bound, Warner Bros./DC Comics adaptation, Watchmen.

Last week we reported that Stargate SG-1 was shooting its final episode of the series on June 14. Perhaps not coincidentally, the B.C. government announced the same day that it had sold the six-stage Bridge Studios — home to the Stargate franchise for the past 10 years — to local real estate developer Larco Investments for $40 million. Larco, which already owns and operates a major shopping mall in Burnaby, intends to maintain the Bridge Studios as a film and TV production facility. The B.C. government, which built the Bridge Studios 19 years ago to kindle the local film and TV production industry, indicated last year that it wanted to get out of the studio business.