Call it Nenshi’s night.

Dozens of ecstatic supporters, decked out in signature purple from head to toe, filled campaign headquarters in the basement of an 11th Avenue building in the city’s southwest to cheer mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi to victory yesterday night.

Thousands more lined up at polling stations to cast their ballots for the candidate who was dubbed an underdog from the start, but quickly created a “purple revolution” via an aggressive campaign that had oversized signs plastered across Calgary and took advantage of both traditional and social media.

Nenshi thanked everyone, from trustees to aldermen to mayoral candidates, “for running campaigns of integrity, inviting all Calgarians to believe in government again.”

He said it became clear during the election race that candidates across the board have something special in common: “A deep, deep love for this city and a strong hope for the future.”

To a chorus of applause and chants of “Ric! Ric! Ric!” Ric McIver held his head high with his wife by his side as he met with supporters.

“How can I not be proud and pleased to have such an outstanding group of human beings out here tonight?” he said.

Meanwhile, Barb Higgins teared up as she thanked her supporters.

“I feel no different because of this outcome. I’m still thrilled that I jumped in,” she told the audience. “We can all hold our heads high.”

with files from Krista Sylvester and Katie Turner