HRM’s new dog pound will focus on re-uniting pets with their owners and finding new homes for abandoned animals, according to its director Hope Swinimer.

Homeward Bound City Pound, located on Brownlow Avenue in Burnside, will open its kennel doors starting April 1. The new facility will provide shelter for animals brought in by HRM Animal Services.

The facility has space for approximately 21 dogs and eight cats. With about 850 animals brought in by Animal Services a year, Swinimer said the emphasis has to be on finding animals a proper home.

“It’s so important to make the general public aware that we’re here (and) we need their help,” she said. “We’re hoping to get a lot of interest and a lot of people coming in to file an application (to adopt).”

Swinimer also stressed Homeward Bound is not a drop-off shelter, but a city pound reserved for animals brought in by the municipality.

“We’re here strictly for HRM and their animal-control officers,” Swinimer said. “Our job is very, very simple ... One is to give the animals the best care we can, two is give them veterinary care if they need it, three is to try and reunite them with their owners, and four is if no owner shows up ... to market an awesome adoption program to find these animals homes.”

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