To the sounds of “let’s get physical” about 20 men and women came together at Southcentre Mall in pink leggings and headbands to launch the “new” weekend to end cancer.

This year marks the official launch of the newly named Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers and the participants in yesterday’s mini aerobics class sweated to the oldies in front of dozens of mall shoppers.

“It was lot of fun and it’s for a really good cause,” instructor Lauren Thompson said.

“Usually we teach dance classes so it was fun to teach just regular people.”

Cancer survivor and three-year walk participant Lorna Mutzbauer did her best aerobics moves and was happy to see so many people involved.

“It’s really touching to know there are so many people involved with the organization and raising money and today was a lot of fun to see everyone out, too,” she said. “I know why I am here but it’s nice to see other people who aren’t necessarily personally affected here, too.”

Linda Mickelson, CEO of the Alberta Cancer Foundation said she is excited about the new partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart.

“I think around this time of year a lot of people are thinking about their health and getting back in shape so we thought this impromptu aerobics class is fitting,” she added.