Lansdowne Park would remain entirely in public hands under the terms of a new plan by Lansdowne Park Conservancy to develop the property.

All heritage buildings on the site would be preserved and no private development would go ahead, conservancy co-ordinator John Martin said yesterday.

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group put forward the original plan, which included office, retail and residential developments, earlier this year.

The conservancy filed a letter of application with city officials on Monday, outlining two re-development proposals, one with a stadium at Lansdowne, and another with the stadium at LeBreton Flats instead.

“Up until we were registered, we were a non-entity,” Martin said. “We are hard news now.”

David Chernushenko, councillor-elect for Capital Ward, in which Lansdowne is located, said he was intrigued by the alternate proposal.

“I think it’s exciting to see that there are other options out there,” he said. “People say no one else ever came to the table. My response was we never set the table and asked people to put their proposals on it.”