They’re meant to make intersections safer, but the new bike boxes on St. George and Harbord streets are being mostly overlooked by cyclists and drivers alike.

The ‘box’ is in fact a painted pavement marking that gives cyclists a designated space to wait at a light, in front of cars.

The idea is that making cyclists more visible to motorists will reduce the likelihood that they get cut off or hit when vehicles around them make turns.

It also means drivers cannot turn right on a red light when behind a waiting bike.

Toronto became the latest city to introduce bike boxes this month.

But Monday afternoon, most cyclists passing through followed the usual practice of leaning on the curb at red lights.

Bike boxes are coming to four more intersections on the U of T campus this fall. The next will be painted along the bike lanes on Hoskin Avenue and College Street, including ones at Queen’s Park Crescent and at Spadina Avenue.