Calgarians are getting one more reason not to litter, as a new inner-city addition goes into place.

The City of Calgary is placing 30 small litterbins in the inner city for things such as cigarette butts, gum and other small forms of litter.

“With the advent of the smoking bylaw, we’re seeing small litter, specifically cigarette butts. It’s our number 1 form of litter,” said Ald. Druh Farrell.

According to Farrell, millions of cigarette butts end up in Calgary’s waterways.

“This is a service to those who have been pushed outdoors because of the smoking bylaw, and it just makes it easier for them to access a safe and proper disposal,” said Farrell.

The new small litter-disposal bins can be found in the areas adjacent to the 7th Avenue C-Train corridor, at the Municipal Plaza, James Short Park, Victoria Crossing BRZ, Uptown 17 and other hotspots identified within the Centre City.

The new bins will end up costing the city just under $5,000, and the city hopes that one day it will have something similar to Edmonton’s 200 bins.