More food tampering has struck a southwest Calgary Safeway store.

Police say a customer found a metal product in a loaf of bread bought at the Shawnessy Safeway on Sunday. The bread was returned to the store manager yesterday afternoon.

Safeway spokesperson Betty Kellsey told Metro the chain had beefed up security in light of previous incidents, with a Co-Op in Oakridge being targeted several times earlier this year and, most recently, three Calgary Sobeys stores also affected in the city’s south.

“It’s disturbing because we don’t know the motive or who would do this or why, or if it’s a copycat situation. Right now we’re working with police and that’s where we are at,” she said.

While a woman is facing a charge in relation to one of the incidents from earlier this month, food tampering continues to occur and shoppers are growing impatient.

Chelsea Donald said she is disappointed to hear about the latest incident.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but this is becoming absolutely ridiculous now,” she said. “Someone is going to get hurt.”