Suspect accused of poisoning bottled water

The Toronto man accused of sending letter bombs to three homes this summer is now charged with attempting to kill eight others by poisoning bottled water and sending it to two modelling agencies.



The new allegations date back to the summer of 2004, in a case that was reported at the time but had remained unsolved.



It wasn’t until police were sifting through the contents of Adel Arnaout’s home and car that officers linked the 37-year-old to the tainted water deliveries three years ago, said Const. Wendy Drummond.

Police say bottles of water were injected with a poisonous chemical then delivered to Christen and Associates Model and Talent Management and Blitz Models and Talents, both located downtown, on July 22, 2004, under the guise of a promotion. Pinholes were seen in the bottles and the liquid had a foul odour, which deterred anyone from drinking it, Drummond said.

It is alleged Arnaout sent three letter bombs to recipients in Toronto and Guelph. Arnaout was arrested by officers on Aug. 30 in what police called a high-risk take- down.

victims known to the accused

  • Police refuse to speak about the motive in either case, other than to say the targets are all known to the accused and police do not believe the victims were chosen randomly.