Don’t look for grades when your kids bring home their fall report card.

As, Bs and Cs have been replaced with check marks in this less-formal, first “progress report” of the year for Ontario’s elementary students, being sent home this month.

Now learning skills such as responsibility, initiative and self-regulation — goal-setting and “persevering” when challenged — have taken priority. How children are progressing in each subject — either very well, well or with difficulty — comes next, and all with comments that should be in simple, straightforward language.

The new report poses a shift in thinking, for both teachers and families, and is a move away from the Canadian norm of three graded report cards a year.

“We really wanted those learning skills up front” because they are the foundation for learning, said Joan Hamilton, principal of Roberta Bondar Public School in Brampton, whose staff helped pilot the reports three years ago.

It was important that the report be ungraded, she added. Not focusing on a mark “helps us focus on how do we improve . . . If a parent sees a mark, that’s where they get stuck.”