The Task King Speed Shovel lets you walk upright, pushing snow away like a plow. It’s available online at www.homedepot.cafor $34.99.

In recent years, awareness of the dangers of over-exerting yourself while shovelling snow has increased.

Now, an array of new snow-removal tools, including shovels with ergonomic, bent handles or wheels are available to help reduce the strain of pushing and lifting heavy snow.

The Wovel Snow Shovel is available online at www.homedepot.cafor $149.95.

One, which calls to mind a pennyfarthing bicycle with its giant wheel, is called the Wovel Snow Shovel (presumably so-named for the combination of “wheel” and “shovel”) and is said to let the user remove “snow with virtually no effort.”

“This shovel clears away snow three times faster than shovelling with half the effort and less risk of injury.

“(It’s) adjustable, easy to manoeuvre and will not harm stonework or landscape,” goes the description. A Wovel accessory pack, sold separately, includes a chipper blade for hard pack snow and ice; gravel wheels; and foam grips for additional comfort.

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