The tense relationship between Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry and fired Stellarton Chief Police Ambrose Heighton continued to be the focus of testimony during a police review board hearing yesterday.

New Glasgow Police Chief Delaney Chisholm said, during this testimony before the Nova Scotia Police Review Board looking at the appeal of Heighton who was fired in 2008, that it was evident Heighton and Landry didn’t get along.

“They certainly didn’t like one another,” he said. “That’s the best way to describe it.”

He said their dislike towards each other sometimes got in the way of their regular chief of police meetings.

“There were some comments back and forth,” he said. “There were some disruptions because of the comments that came out from time to time on both sides.”

Heighton was fired in 2008 after six complaints were lodged against him by the RCMP. The complaints, two of which were filed by Landry, followed on the heels of a letter that Heighton says he received and passed on to the Department of Justice.

The letter alleges RCMP misconduct by local members. Heighton has denied writing the letter and its authorship has never been proven.