So, you’ve decided to buy a new home! Great idea, but where do you start?


While there are an infinite number of choices out there, driving around visiting sales offices may not be the best way to find what you’re looking for.


Luckily, the New Home Buyers Network has you covered.


Originally started as a series of kiosks in malls back in 1995, the company has quickly spawned into an Internet-based network of search engines later that year, allowing homebuyers to easily and efficiently find the new home they are looking for.


The search feature, available on any one of the series of websites, asks visitors to select a city in Southern Ontario where they are looking to buy. The next step is to enter the price range and type of home they are interested in. The network will then generate a list of projects that match their criteria.

Visitors can select projects from that list to view various models in detail. Available information includes elevation, floorplans, special features and information about the builder. “They can come to our site, and through a few clicks, take a look at seven, eight, 10 different communities as opposed to putting hundreds of clicks on their car by going out and visiting these communities,” managing partner Sam Reiss said.

A feature called “Ask the builder” gives users the ability to communicate directly with the builder.

Each website also offers two different registration options.

The first, entitled Be The First in Line, lets visitors sign up to receive information about a specific project. As soon as new information about the site becomes available, the registrant will be notified automatically via e-mail.

“You’ll be the first to know about information on a new project,” said Roy Hobbs, director of sales. “Because typically, in advance of an opening, there is not much marketing material. You won’t typically see ads. This could be three months, four months ahead of the actual opening, and by registering ahead of time and profiling yourself in terms of what your needs are, you will receive information ahead of the general public.”

Registrants will also benefit with the ability to buy ahead of the general public. They will be invited to the project’s preview opening, usually taking place several days before the official opening, and be given the first opportunity to purchase.

The second registration feature, entitled New Home Alert, allows users to request information about a specific criteria from all of the builders.

Much like the search feature, registrants can choose their city, type of home and price range. The website will then send notification of the request to only those builders offering new homes, condos or site openings that match the specific criteria. Those builders will then notify the buyers of current or future projects for a period of six months. The service can be cancelled at any time, or extended after the six-month period.

“From the consumer side of it, whether it’s the registration form or the website, it’s designed to save them time and possibly save them money,” Hobbs said.

Both Reiss and Hobbs emphasize that visitors don’t need to register to benefit from the websites. They can just simply log on and see what’s out there without leaving any contact information.

New Home Buyers Network is the most up-to-date and most comprehensive new home Internet portal in Canada, with more than 5,000 different new homes in the GTA alone. Visitors can view all of those homes in the comfort of their own living room. The listings are updated on a daily basis.

“You can visit six homes in six hours or six homes in six minutes,” Reiss said.

The network is affiliated with several Ontario newspapers, as well as the Sing Tao Daily in the Republic of China — available in Mandarin.

To start the search for your new home, simply visit any of the following websites: