Landowners band together against Hydro One’s plan

Hundreds of Ontario landowners have begun banding together in an effort to ensure their rights aren’t bulldozed along with their homes and properties as part of a $635-million plan to get new nuclear and green power to the Toronto area.

About 400 landowners are affected by a proposed 180-kilometre long high-tension power line that Hydro One wants to string on 700 pylons between the city of Milton, Ont., to the shores of Lake Huron.

“It goes right through my house, takes out my property and it puts me out of business,” said Rob Barlow, of Limehouse, Ont., the co-founder of the new grassroots lobby group Powerline Connections.


“The province has put a gun to their own head, and now they’re taking it out on the landowners.”

Wind power, too

  • The province has also committed to at least 700 megawatts of wind power from the Bruce County area as part of its strategy to mothball its coal-fired power plants.