Three would-be neighbours of a Calgary methadone clinic have filed appeals against its possible fourth home in an ongoing saga for the addiction centre.

The Second Chance clinic, who treats up to 500 addiction patients, was granted city approval to move into Foothills Plaza, though the appeals mean the move will be delayed until a hearing Nov. 27 before the subdivision and development appeal board.

“It doesn’t seem to matter where we try and locate our facility, it’s objectionable to some people,” said Hugh Ham, the lawyer representing the clinic.

Though the clinic only issues prescriptions to patients and does not administer methadone on-site, it has faced objection in its three previous locations. Originally having to move from a northeast industrial park last spring, the clinic sparked outrage from residents of Forest Lawn and then Braeside — after setting up shop in a local stripmall.

Since opening in Braeside, the clinic has reported no incidents, though residents still appealed to have it moved. Ham had hoped that the new location would dissuade negative?reaction.

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