City officials said the southeast LRT line will run deep enough under 95 Street that it shouldn’t have an impact on any nearby buildings.

“We’re looking at about a 20-metre grade difference from the ground that’s out there today to the top of the tunnel,” said Adam Laughlin, the city’s director of facility planning and transportation.

Laughlin made a presentation at the Riverdale Community League last night, following outrage from area residents about the potential impact of the proposed southeast LRT line, which is proposed to run east along 102 Avenue and then descend underground aligned along 95 Street, exiting south of Cameron Avenue before crossing the river on what will be a new bridge.

Concerns range from stability, vibration, safety and noise to possible expropriation, especially from residents of the Cameron Avenue Cohousing Cooperative, on 95 Street and 100 Avenue, overlooking the river.

Bill Moore-Kilgannon, president of the community league, said having the plan approved by council’s transportation committee — which could happen tomorrow — prior to undertaking a structural analysis is not right.

“While (Laughlin) says he’s confident, what would quiet fears is a document that shows there is no problem,” he said.