Rogers won’t compete on price with Canada’s new wireless carriers, but doesn’t expect to lose many smartphone subscribers and other higher-value customers to them, says chief executive Nadir Mohamed.

“If we lose subscribers to new players, we would like to lose the lower-value (customers). We want to keep the ones that are higher value,” Mohamed told an RBC technology conference yesterday in New York.

About one-third of Rogers’ customers now use smartphones. Data services — such as streaming video, listening to music and sending emails and texts — are a strong driver of growth, he said.

“You won’t see the Rogers brand being priced in a way that provides a disconnect between the quality and what we offer.”

Mohamed doesn’t expect Globalive’s Wind Mobile brand, Mobilicity and Public Mobile to take much market share.

“Nationally, that number is going to be fairly small for some time because they won’t have launched in enough cities,” he said.

But he added the three new carriers could take about 10 per cent of the market share in some cities where they’ve launched.