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Local rockers Billy Talent played MySpace Canada’s first ever secret show earlier this week at the Mod Club.


It might appear to be just a blip on the radar, but Canada is getting a bigger voice on MySpace. As reported in Metro, Monday marked the launch of the Canadian chapter of MySpace.

“Now is the time we want to start highlighting content for the Canadian market and making the site more appropriate for users (in Canada),” said MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson.

The first bilingual chapter — MySpace Canada — will feature Canuck-centric pages covering comedy, charity, film and music.

President and CEO Chris DeWolfe cites the example of Quebec-raised Patrick Watson, whose video for Luscious Life debuted on the new site.

“(Watson’s) a pretty famous artist but may not be so well-known in the U.S.,” he said. “We hire a local team of marketing and content folks that really understand the local popular culture.”

This was evident earlier this week with the first MySpace Canada Secret Show.

Local rockers Billy Talent played Toronto’s Mod Club Monday to coincide with the launch. “We wanted somebody really exciting — cutting edge, punk, alternative at some level — someone the Canadian audience would feel is one of their own,” said DeWolfe.