A home for an organics recycling facility should be revealed soon, a city councillor says, paving the way for “green bin” collection by late 2009.

Yesterday, after a committee approved a report on the status of the program, Osgoode ward Coun. Doug Thompson said an announcement on where the recycling facility will be located should follow close behind.

“We have found another spot,” he said. “It’s still in Osgoode ward, but it is in an industrial park. The city has found it to be acceptable. It’s zoned properly. So Orgaworld and the owner are working out the details for a contract.”


Orgaworld is the private company contracted to build and operate the facility. Thompson said he could not reveal the location until the details are settled. And the facility still needs provincial and municipal environmental approvals, pushing the start date back several months.

The program was scheduled to start in March 2009, with a facility near the Trail Road landfill, but that site was deemed inappropriate due to flood plain concerns. Another location in Greely was chosen, but it would have required zoning changes and residents were opposed.


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