Ontario’s New Progressive Conservative leader raised more than a million dollars in contributions during his bid for the party’s top job.


According to Elections Ontario, Tim Hudak’s campaign raised $1,166,578 from 884 contributions as of Monday — nearly 12 times as much as opponent Randy Hillier.


Hillier raised a total of $91,809 from 70 contributions — including $25,000 of his own money
Christine Elliott had 658 contributions worth a total of $856,642 while Frank Klees, Hudak’s closest rival, raised $442,551 thanks to 229 contributions.


Hudak won the closely fought leadership battle last month with 5,606 electoral votes, succeeding interim leader Bob Runciman and John Tory, who triggered the race when he resigned in March.


He had emerged early on as a favourite to win, thanks to the support of his mentor, former premier Mike Harris, as well as several federal MPs, provincial caucus members and riding association presidents.

By law, leadership candidates must report all campaign contributions over $100 to Elections Canada within 10 business days. The amounts are then disclosed on the federal agency’s website.