Progressive Conservative leader-in-waiting Jamie Baillie told reporters yesterday he wants to combat cynicism in Nova Scotia’s political process.

“In spite of all the cynicism about politics, Nova Scotians still want to believe that politics can be honourable,” he said, minutes after securing the party’s leadership.

“(Politics) is meant to be a sacrifice in the service of others.”

Baillie, the former chief of staff to Premier John Hamm, said he doesn’t consider himself a representative of the old guard, but as a reform-oriented alternative — despite the fact his campaign was run by veteran Tories Jamie Muir and Ted Larsen.

“There were 240 people at my campaign launch, some of them were recognizable faces ... but there were a lot of people there who are new to the PC party,” he said.

“They may not be faces and names that are known today, but they will be.”

Still, Baillie listed Hamm as his foremost political mentor, stressing the Hamm government’s focus on balanced budgets.