Streamlining patient care and better co-ordinating Edmonton emergency crews are the goals of a new pilot program that starts tomorrow.

The new program, called the Ambulance Destination Determination System, will offer quicker results for patients and a streamlined transporting system for paramedics, who can get back on the streets faster without the added workload of wondering what hospital would be best suited for patients, says an official with Capital Health.

Thanks to a new centre, which will provide support for all responding ambulance crews in the Edmonton region, Capital Health and Edmonton EMS paramedics will work together in identifying what hospital is best suited for each patient’s needs.


“We have not had a co-ordinated system of giving crews direction as to what is the best place to take patients,” said Dr. Ken Gardener, vice-president of medical affairs for Capital Health. “They would be told where not to go.

“This will make sure patients’ needs are met appropriately and quickly.”

The project will involve Edmonton EMS, Parkland Ambulance Authority, St. Albert Fire Department and Strathcona County Emergency Services.

It will run through September and will be evaluated on wait times.

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