Focusing again on pure athleticism and reputation, the Stampede announced one of the world’s finest rodeo stars featured on the 2010 poster.

Outlaw, the red and white speckled bull known around the rodeo world, was chosen by the Stampede’s president to be featured on the 2010 version of the traditional Stampede poster.

“I chose an athlete again and one that left us before our time, but should be honoured,” Dr. David Chalack said of the legendary bull.

Outlaw was ridden 71 times, but only once was he ridden for the full eight seconds by Justin Volz, who scored 93 points and won the title of Stampede champion in 2003.

“Outlaw may have been docile and unassuming in the pasture and gentle in the chutes, but you could see the danger in his eyes the moment the gates opened,” Chalack said, adding the bull had a rare ritual after he bucked riders off.

Outlaw would stare down the cowboy and nod his head to their fallen hats after bucking the rider off, Chalack said.

“Not all bulls behave like that and it was an honour. Bulls like this only come around once in a lifetime.”

Artist Don Oelze was chosen, all the way from Montana, to capture the spirit that was Outlaw in a piece of art to be remembered forever. “I’m honoured and truly privileged, especially as an American to be part of a great Canadian tradition that is the Calgary Stampede and the Stampede poster,” he said.

Oelze said he wanted to make the bull as big as he is in real life, something he thinks he captured.

“My point of view of Outlaw is he captures what is best about the West,” he added.

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