OTTAWA - Transport Canada is proposing new rules to make built-in child car seats conform to larger size limits already announced for the removable models.


The changes will mean the built-in seats will accommodate bigger and older children.


Last year, the government said it would require removable seats to be longer and wider.


also increased the weight limits, meaning infants would stay in
rear-facing seats until they reached 22 pounds and older children would
stay in car seats until they hit 66 pounds.


The new regulatory proposals will mean the built-in restraints will have to accommodate those sizes.

The department says the changes will bring Canadian requirements in close alignment with those of the United States.

Transport Minister Denis Lebel said the measures will help protect children.

on child safety tells us that kids are safer when they use child
restraints for as long as possible before graduating to using only seat
belts,” he said in a news release. “So, today, in the interest of
safety, our government is proposing amendments to increase the size limits of integrated child restraints so our children can use them longer.”

Once they come into force, the measures would only apply to newly manufactured vehicles.