Lights! Camera! More movie coverage!


Well, that last bit may not be the final part of a traditional filmmakers’ call to action, but it best sums up Metro’s new film section, which launches today.


Every Friday, Metro Movies brings the best of Hollywood to your fingertips with extensive and expanded film coverage, more film reviews, movie news, a weekly Top 5 list, fun facts and interesting trivia tidbits to impress your friends at cocktail parties.

And that’s not all.

Today we’re also launching a new movie channel online at— dedicated strictly to film coverage.

Metro readers can enjoy all of the informative film articles and reviews they’ve come to anticipate in the day’s paper, with even more extensive coverage to come in the future — the expanded online version of today’s Mike Myers feature is just a teaser.

Not to mention the fact Metro readers can even purchase tickets for their favourite movie theatres at, and enjoy trailers for upcoming movies at their leisure.

Metro Movies: It’s an offer no film fan can refuse.