It doesn’t happen too often, but Hamilton actually gets to play itself in the new Showcase series Cra$h & Burn.

“It’s rather unapologetically Hamilton,” says actress Caroline Cave, who plays company lawyer Catherine Scott in the ensemble show about the ruthless insurance game. “It really gives Hamilton a personality, which it always had, but maybe it doesn’t get a chance to show all the time.”

The series, created by Malcolm MacRury (ZOS: Zone of Separation), and starring Luke Kirby, has a lot of unique aspects beyond its backdrop.

First, it’s a show about the world of insurance, which immediately raises the question: Who wants to watch that? Most folks probably want to avoid the topic of insurance altogether.

But, as portrayed in Cra$h & Burn, a day in the life of insurance adjuster Jimmy Burn (Kirby) can get pretty exciting. It involves not only shifty clients, but also crooked lawyers and the Russian mob. Back at the office, there’s also a tote board that kee;s a running score on who’s been fired — and who’s about to be. Add some sex and comedy, and it’s quite a dramatic stew.

“It’s not really a comedy or a drama,” says Cave. “She’s very unapologetic about her sexuality and how she lives and works,” says Cave. “But she’s a Bay Street lawyer working in Hamilton, so there’s also a sense she wants to be somewhere else.”

Filming since July, Cave is looking forward to wrapping in December. She’s got a wedding scheduled for New Year’s Eve. And no, she’s not marrying an insurance adjuster. “I’m marrying an accountant!”

Cra$h & Burn airs Wednesdays on Showcase.

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