RealProperty offers two new services that alleviate anxiety and offer added protection for both home sellers and home buyers. SafeClose™ Home Closing Insurance and the SafeClose™ Home Systems Warranty are now exclusive services offered by RealProperty throughout Ontario.


Home Closing Insurance provides RealProperty clients coverage against loss resulting from delayed or aborted transactions for up to $25,000 or six months.


This valuable service can give peace of mind and help sell a listed home faster and give a home buyer confidence to sign an offer sooner. The cost of one year’s coverage is the same price as one service call.


RealProperty provides many other services as well. All services make purchasing and selling most people’s largest investment an easier, less risky task. Their ultimate goal is making sure all clients are pleased with the services making it easier, safer and more affordable than ever before. For a complete listing of services offered, visit their website at