Matching potential students with future music teachers is music to the ears of two Calgary women.

Shelley Steele-Gittel and Laurie Campbell are two Calgary school teachers who discovered how difficult it was for potential music students to find prospective teachers and decided to put the tools out there.

“We are passionate about music education and having music lessons readily accessible to all families, so we thought this would be a great idea,” Steele-Gittel said, adding the site matches people from coast to coast.

“It’s been a really big hit so far, especially in the Calgary area.” launched last month and has already proven popular. Steele-Gittel expects more Canadians to jump on the musical bandwagon.

“We were so happy with the amazing teachers on the site; it’s definitely surpassed our expectations in the quality department. These are the cream of the crop.”

While the service is free for parents looking for teachers and non-profit music schools, there is a nominal fee for teachers to be listed on the website.