First up we’d like to thank all you crazy Canadians for literally HUNDREDS of e-mails, cards and flowers after the recent announcement of our wedding. You’ve all been too kind. But don’t worry — we also remain married to our work and our promise to provide you with every design solution imaginable. Yup, you can say what you like about C and J, but you can’t say that our shows don’t cover a lot of ground. Aye, we like to cram in the info as our transatlantic mission of decorative beautification continues apace.

We’re either scaling the housing market with Million Pound Property Experiment (the first ever home flipping show, we might add) or helping prepare homes for sale via our quick fix weekend décor odyssey Trading Up. More recently How Not To Decorate and of course Home Heist have championed the arrival of colour, but now we’ve gone back to basics with The Home Show, a TV magazine gem that explains everything you’ll ever need to know about creating the perfect abode. And boy, is it information heavy.

This week’s glamorous hour is a perfect combo of abject minimalism and gilded glamour. Via a snoop around the white on white home of celebrated English decorator Annie Stevens, and a stroll through downtown Tangiers (to create the ultimate Moroccan living room) we’re talking designer polar opposites. But STOP! Hold it for just one jewel encrusted moment. Don’t we normally pour scorn on “themed rooms?” Don’t we normally laugh in the face of Trading Spaces and Changing Rooms? Well, yes, actually, we do, but OUR take on theming is rather different. You see we’re not about chopping MDF or making stuff out of car wheels and old lemonade bottles. We like to do it PROPERLY, which means we go shopping. For fabulous — and affordable — kit that whispers, rather than screams design.

To nutshell our Moroccan dream imagine gold painted walls and a sea of jewel toned lighting and rugs. Visualize a mountain of berry toned cushions and just a smattering of battered brass. For further inspiration, visit Homesense (which carries awesome budget accessories) or check out our fave suppliers at moroccan-furniture-dé and Prepare to swoon!

And what about Annie Stevens? Well, let’s just say that ‘cause EVERY SURFACE in her home is painted purest white, she has to wear black rock star sunglasses to protect her eyes throughout our entire interview. Ideas to steal include enlarging black and white kids photos to one-by-three metres (like veritable Gap ads) and adding a memento, photo and souvenir filled memory box to every room to ensure that the past … remains permanently present.

Sentimental, sure, but a lovely idea nonetheless. Tune in and see her; she’s part crazy lady and part designer Goddess, but blimey — her home ROCKS! Enjoy!